Boston’s Teens Need Our Help

Pavement Pitching

As the MLB All-Star Game salutes 30 of America’s “All-Stars Among Us,” great charitable heroes from across the country, it is important to remember that there is still much work to be done, especially in Boston. 

The Boston Globe recently published a week-long series of insightful and troubling reports about how the city is “Failing Our Athletes.”  These stories illustrate the dearth of facilities and opportunities for Beantown’s teens — and the troubling trickle-down to other areas of their lives. 

Some say that the city needs to provide more budget;  others claim that the burden falls on local non-profits.  While we hope that the city will step-up, we hope to fill some of that void as well.

And, rest assured, all is not lost.  There are the aforementioned everyday heroes.  There is Red Sox All-Star hurler Tim Wakefield — he of the slow toss and the fast helping hand.  We at The Level Field Foundation will be joining the fray as well — we’re planning some great upcoming events, and we’ll be announcing our new Boston project very soon.

We won’t solve Boston’s athletic and economic deficiencies in a day.  But, like Rome, great things aren’t built in a day — and we’ll be working for much longer than that.  So, when in Rome, please consider donating to The Level Field Foundation, and rest assured that all funds received will directly support Boston’s underserved youth.  We welcome your ideas and suggestions as well.  Enjoy the summer, and be sure to savor the joy of sports…


The Miracle League Finds A New Home

Miracle League Banner

The idea came to Burke Adams, a man already established as a pioneer, in 2004. 

Having already formed a revolutionary series of sports leagues for disabled athletes in Upstate New York, Adams dreamt of giving them a place that was truly theirs — a field of dreams.  The skepticism came quickly and forthrightly – from outside cynics and, most painfully, close friends.  Even some of the disabled kids’ parents thought the field would never amount to more than a pipe dream.  An initial fundraising blast of 400 letters to well-stocked corporations netted a mere $1,100.  The vision looked to be impossible, and Burke was thought to be crazy.

On Saturday, a beautiful sun-drenched day in East Greenbush, NY, the “impossible” dream came to fruition.  Jaime M. Adams field, capable of hosting four different sports on a safe playing surface, finally opened its gates after five years of determined fundraising and unparalleled generosity from corporations and neighbors alike.

As Burke held onto a baseball bat with his beloved daughter Jaime, the field’s namesake who sat in her wheelchair beneath him, he looked to be proud, determined, and joyful — not at all crazy.  If anything, Burke Adams was crazy like a fox.  Indeed, as he guided Jaime’s hands to hit the first “pitch” on the field, sending a liner towards third base, he looked more like Jimmie Foxx.

“Play ball!”, he shouted triumphantly.  And they did…


Jean-Paul and I were privileged to be in attendance for the grand opening of the Capital Region Miracle League’s new field this weekend.  The weather was pristine, the sun shining, the media and politicians all around — but the day was fully and unmistakably about the kids. 

Nearly fifty kids with limited abilities and unlimited heart took the field during a series of three baseball games.  There were big hits, great plays in the field, and even the occasional swing-and-miss — but the smiling players and cheering fans ruled the day.  The fans of all six teams went home happy, and each of the players could be proud of how they performed.  What’s better, they are nomads no more, having been blessed with their own field to be the home base for their weekends and their memories.

The Level Field Foundation is proud to have made a meaningful contribution towards the costs of the field, and we hope to donate further in the future.  We captured a number of photos and some extensive video of this historic day, and we look forward to sharing these images with you in the days to come.  In the meantime, please check-out the Miracle League’s website and consider donating to The Level Field Foundation.

With your help, we can make more impossible dreams come true…