Our New Boston Project: Helping Mattapan’s Youth
August 7, 2009, 2:56 am
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Mattapan, a rapidly-growing area filled with 15,000 kids, has become Boston’s “forgotten” neighborhood.  At The Level Field Foundation, we haven’t forgotten.

Our next round of fundraising will support the completion of Walker Field at Norfolk Park.  The NFL has already made a contribution to this field, which will host the Mattapan Patriots’ football games, along with soccer and lacrosse matches — but more funds are needed.  Money is needed to fund the initial landscaping and irrigation of the field, along with the installation of goalposts and bleachers.  We hope to fill this gap, thanks to your generosity.

Youth violence has long been a major problem in Mattapan, but the Mildred Avenue Community Center has emerged as a safe-haven amongst a bleak climate, where gangs have been replaced by games.  We want to help fund this field, which is near the community center, to extend that positive change and provide further positive opportunities for some needy kids.

Mayor Menino recently announced a huge charitable initiative to aid athletics at Boston’s schools, a move we applaud.  However, Mattapan doesn’t have any high schools — all resident high school students are transported elsewhere — so this project gives us a unique opportunity to help the most underserved athletes.

In addition to no high schools, Mattapan lacks a single major business, but it houses countless churches.  In short, it’s an area of faith.  At the foundation, we have faith that this new field will provide much-needed fun and safety for Mattapan’s youth, and continue the positive trajectory of community development.  We hope that you’ll donate today and bring the joy of sports to Mattapan — giving its kids something that they’ll never forget.

Please consider donating today — every cent that you contribute will go towards making this field a reality.